This FAQ is for DSM owners to quickly find some of the most common questions/answers. Please search the appropriate questions from the frame window.

Turbo Related Questions

Throttle body coolant bypass

BlowOff Valve bypass

Air Canister Filter/Silencer


Boost Tap

  • Where do I tap my boost gauge
    1. Look at hoses on the throttle body
    2. You should find 4 hoses attaching to ports labeled A2, A, E, and P
    3. 90s will have 2 on top and 2 on the front, later cars will have 3 or 4 on top
    4. Tap it from the "P" hose (usually RED striped)

      If your hoses do not have colored stripes, or your throttle body isn't marked, you can figure out which hose to tap into. Look at the throttle body, and note where the throttle plate pivots. This is your "centerline". The hose taps have obvious passages into the throttle body, and you should be able to figure out which ones tap in before and after the plate. You want to tap into the taps AFTER the plate, so you get full vac and boost readings. On most cars, these hoses are RED or GREEN.

  • Where are the best locations to put the gauge

    1. The A-pillar (panel between windshield and door)
    2. Right beside your instrument panel console
    3. The center vent (remove and replace with flat panel)
    4. Under the stereo (for people who have aftermarket radios and a blank plate)

      The A-pillar works best, as it puts the gauge nearest to your eyes, but isn't "clean" enough for some people, as it is in plain sight.

Electric windows problems

Re-wiring fog lights


The Correct Way To Launch Your

Solving Speaker Rattle For 95 DSM

The "Noisy lifter" solution

How To Clean The Intercooler Core

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