2G Prius K&N Air Filter Install

The install of the K&N Air Filter in a 2G Prius is extremely simple, as long as you have a pair of scissors ;-) The pictures below are total overkill, but what the heck ;-)

UPDATE: K&N has now released a drop-in airfilter, no mods needed at all, part # 33-2329, search Amazon for "K&N 33-2329". This filter is a good bit more expensive (almost $50, instead of $30), so it is still cheaper to use the filter shown below, but if you don't want to have to mod the stock gasket to fit the older style filter, the new one is for you.

Click on the pics if you want to see the fullsize versions.

    Air filter box, left-center of engine compartment.

    The catches you need to release are circled. Looking at them, it's pretty obvious what you need to do to release them.

    Pivot the cover up towards the rear of the car, and you'll see the factory air filter, here partially removed to show that the gasket covers the entire airbox, including the right side chamber.

    The K&N air filter (part # 33-2186, same as the 1G Prius - available at most autoparts stores, and even on Amazon when searching for 332186) next to the stock one. Note that the K&N does not have the gasket on the right side.

    Place the K&N in the airbox, and you see you really need to seal the right side. Note the K&N goes in tab side down as noted in the instruction sheet with it.

    Peel the factory air filter gasket away from the air filter, as shown.

    Cut the air filter gasket in half as shown.

    A closeup of the cut - notice that the cut goes halfway through the surround that fit around the factory air filter.

    You may want to leave more on the right side of the gasket on the first cut to make sure it is tight against the gasket, but this worked fine for me, pressing tightly to the K&N filter.

    Fit the right side of the cut gasket to the right side of the airbox, then insert the K&N filter.

    Make sure the gasket is tight against the K&N filter.

    Replace the airbox lid, and make sure to install the K&N sticker - that way, if your dealership ignores it and tosses the filter, you can point to the sticker and tell them they owe you a new K&N filter.

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Last modified: May 1, 2007
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