Window Visor Installation

I recently installed window visors on my 2004 Prius. Unfortunately, to date I have not been able to find these as genuine Toyota parts in the United States, but through our friends in one of the Prius owners’ groups, I found that these are available as a genuine Toyota part in Canada. I purchased mine from Eastway Toyota, Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. Their contact info is:

On a difficulty scale, I rated this installation as a 2/5 only because you have to be very careful in placing the visors once you start removing the covering on the double-sided tape. Also, I believe the instructions are wrong in a couple of areas, as will be noted below. Installation wasn't that hard at all, however. It took about an hour,but that’s only because I was taking my time, taking pictures for this VFAQ, and it started raining partway through, so I had to move the car into the garage and dry it off before continuing.

The following was noted on the install instructions that came with the visors:

That being said, I don't think a self-install has a warranty anyways ;-)

Before you begin, it's a good idea to wash and dry the areas surrounding the top door frames, making sure that the rubber weatherstripping on the door frames is dry.

    Once the area is clean and dry, I suggest an added step over that of the instructions - clean the area with a papertowel and rubbing alcohol, to make sure everything is cleaned off. The area to clean is outlined in this pic - note how you should clean the top door frame, but also a bit down the sides and rear of the rear door. If you read through the entire instructions first, you will see why you need to clean these extra areas.

    Clean both sides of the car at the same time, including the alcohol wipe.


    If you are going to do this install alone, I suggest using masking tape. You can use regular masking tape if your car is freshly waxed (so that it peels off of the body easily), but if you can get the blue painters masking tape from Home Depot, Lowe's, etc, it is better to use, as it removes easily, with no leftover adhesive. Regular masking tape has to be peeled off the visors very slowly to avoid leaving adhesive behind (though if any is left behind, rubbing alcohol takes it off).

    However, no matter which tape you use, you should test how well it sticks before getting deep into the install. Tape one of the visors into place, and wait at least a minute to see if the tape still holds the visors on. One owner had the tape come loose and the visor fell off. If the tape is not sticking well, clean the area again with rubbing alcohol really well, and if it still doesn't stick well, try some other type of tape. Just remember that if it sticks really well, you might be spending a lot of time cleaning the tape residue off the car after the install.

    Place the visors on the car, taping them to the roof, to verify placement. As noted on the install sheet, make sure that the gap between the front/rear visor matches the door gap. Verify both sides of the car at the same time, then remove the visors.


    Here's why you should prep both sides at the same time - the "adhesive promoter" included in the install kit is barely enough to do all 4 doors, and dries out very quickly. If you don't prime all 4 doors at once, you won't be priming some, as the adhesive promoter will be long dried up before you get to the driver's side of the car.

    If necessary, wipe the door frames down with alcohol again, and let them dry.

    Crush the tube on the black dot, make sure the fibrous end is wet, then go over the tops of the door frames as quickly and thoroughly as you can. I stepped quickly from one side of the car to the other, and the tube was still completely dried out as I was finishing the second side. They really should have included 2 tubes of this stuff. Allow the adhesive promoter to dry for 5 minutes.


    While the adhesive promoter is drying, you can tape the visors back into place for fitment. Note that in this picture, I have moved the front piece of tape towards the rear, so that both pieces are on the relatively flat rear part of the visor. This is so that I can hinge the visor up out of the way to start removal of the tape backing. Note that while I show the driver's door here, the instructions note to start with the passenger front door (I'm assuming so that if you screw it up, you as the driver aren't looking at it every time you walk up to the car).


    The instruction sheet says to pull the first 12-15" of the tape backing from the visor, then start pressing the visor down. I recommend a shorter starting point, just enough to have a decent amount hanging below the visor to grip, as shown here. Make sure the visor is aligned correctly before letting it touch the door frame. If possible, verify the rear corner fitment and the front corner before letting it touch the door frame. Once it touches, it sticks.


    Once the rear corner is lightly stuck down, hold the front corner in position, and continue pulling the backing tape from the visor, until you have completely removed it. At that point, if the visor is aligned properly, press it down firmly along the entire door frame.


    This is the pedestal clip that helps support the visors at the front/rear door gap. It is the reason that you needed to clean the door frames further down than you would have thought for installing the visors.


    Peel the tape backing from the pedestal clip, clip it to the visor...and notice that the clip doesn't touch the door frame. Not a problem, just push the visor/clip down until it does.


    Start in on the front of the rear visor, peeling the backing tape. Try to get the door gap to the front visor correct, and make the rear visor vertically even with the front visor.


    Note that the tape backing on the rear visor is in 2 pieces. I tried taping the 2 together to make removal easier, but it didn't help. The tape backing is too slick, the tape just peeled off when I went to peel the tape backing on the first rear visor I did. It wasn't a big problem, though, I just peeled the main top tape backing off...


    ...then lifted the visor away from the door a bit, used a small needlenose pliers (you can use tweezers, or even your fingernails), and peeled the rest of the backing off. Then I pressed the visor firmly to the door frame.


    Install the pedestal clip the same as the front visor. Once I had both installed, I slipped a screwdriver up under the visors to press the clips firmly to the door frames. This was made easier by opening the front door.


    Repeat the above for both sides, and you're done.

    Note how little the visors stick out from the car - hopefully they won't affect the drag coefficient much.

I believe the window visors are a great investment and can’t understand why Toyota doesn’t sell them in the US. Especially since the aerodynamics of the 2004 Prius do such a good job of pushing water over the tops of the doorframes.

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